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Q: How often are rankings updated?

A: Rankings update daily. 


Q: How are the team rankings calculated?

A: We pull from over 400 official sources in order to provide the most comprehensive results. We look at the goal difference in every game played in the last 12 months, including games against older teams. There is a line below the last result that counts towards your ranking. More recent games and games against a similar team are given higher weight. To move up, you have to do better than predicted. You will move down if you do worse than predicted. 


We don't make any assumptions about the quality of leagues or even the age of teams. Instead, we look at the results of all teams and calculate how good every team is (this is their rating). We then use the ratings to determine age and gender rankings (as well as club rankings). As you would expect, higher quality leagues such as MLS and ECNL rise to the top of the rankings, but that is purely driven by the results of those teams in inter-league play and tournaments.


Q: Why do the rankings change?

A: It’s normal for a team to have beaten higher ranked teams and lose to lower ranked teams. Your ranking is an average of your performances, not your best or your worst. You may move up or down in the rankings if someone you play moves up or down.  Our ranking algorithm becomes more accurate the more results you feed it, so we want to have a complete and accurate result history for not only your team but the teams you play. To make the rankings better we rely on the community to review and cleanse the teams. All PRO members can fix anything they see so long as they are 100% sure of the changes.  


Q: How do I find different ranking lists?

A: Use the drop down menu on the “Team Ranking” page to view Team Ranking, Unranked Teams, Offense Ranking, Defense Ranking, Schedule Ranking, and Favorite Teams. Choose which one you want to view.


Q: We play in a developmental league. Why are those results included in the rankings?

A: Our policy is to include all results we can obtain in the rankings. We reject the notion that results at some future older age group are more important than results at younger age groups. We also reject the notion that the kids on the field are not trying their hardest to win in every game. No player thinks, “oh this is developmental, I won’t try as hard”. Soccer is a sport with winners and losers. Everyone needs to embrace that. Coaches that don’t develop the technical ability of their players or don’t give them game time are simply bad coaches. It has nothing to do with rankings. Pep Guardiola tries “new things” all the time!


We created these rankings to ensure fairer flighting when teams play in tournaments. It is no fun for parents, players or coaches to pay a whole lot of money for a weekend of mismatched games. Soccer is about having fun. Providing a fun experience for the millions of kids out there playing every week is what matters.


We understand that sometimes a team cannot or chooses not to play their strongest 11. There is no way to adjust for this in the rankings. The most accurate rankings require as many results as possible. We measure the actual quality of your team, as demonstrated every week.


Please don’t remove poor results from your team. That would be interpreted as manipulating your ranking in contravention of our usage policy.


Q: How are club rankings calculated?

A: We use the average of the ratings of the top teams. This is equivalent to two (2) clubs playing their top teams against each other and then aggregating the scores to see who is best. We include the core competitive age groups of U11 - U17. A club must have teams in five (5) age groups to be ranked. 


Q: How are offense and defense rankings calculated?

A: Imagine 3 teams: A, B and C. They play the following games: 


A 2 - 0 C

B 4 - 2 C 


From these we would infer a ratings of: A = 30, B = 30 and C = 28 (the baseline is irrelevant). We can also determine that B has a better offense than A and a correspondingly worse defense. Their ratings would be: 















(here you see averaging across the 2 games) 

Q: What are schedule rankings?

A: A team’s schedule rating is the average of the ratings of their opponents in the last year. Team’s with the highest schedule rating play the toughest schedule. 


Q: Do you rank co-ed teams?

A: No. we exclude co-ed teams. If you want them to be included in the rankings you’ll have to list them as a boys team. 


Q: Why is my 2016 or 2015 team unranked?

A: We find that teams just starting out tend to play in a closed system (i.e., groups of teams playing each other but not playing many games outside of this group). Until teams play outside of these closed circuits we can't accurately assess where they stand in the national rankings. When teams play tournaments, you'll see them all appear. 


Q: Can a team be removed from rankings if they have disbanded?

A: Disbanded teams move to the unranked list after a period of time of no recent results. We only remove teams that are never going to play again. Teams are removed automatically from rankings after 7 months of inactivity. You can disband a team by clicking Edit then Remove From Rankings.



Q: What are ratings and how do they impact the rankings?

A: The rating is a measure of the quality of the team, measured in goals. Rankings are determined by comparing ratings.  



Q: How do predictions work?


Step 1: Find the opponent first and go into their team details. 




Step 3: Click “ADD FAVORITE” and choose your team. You will see predictions. 


Moving forward, no matter what opponent you look at, your team will be remembered. If we predict you will win by 2 goals, and you win by more than 2 goals, your ranking will improve. If you win by less than 2 goals, tie or lose then your ranking will go down. 


Q: How do I delete a team from my predictions screen?

A: Swipe left to remove teams you no longer want to see on your prediction screen.



Q: How can I correct my team’s name?

A: Team names come from your last competition entry via an official website. Team names are not manually edited by users or USA Sport Statistics.  If a team recently changed its name, it might take a week for us to merge the update. The club name root is always placed in front of the team name on the app. 


Q: Can users correct / add a coach or manager's name?

A: Coach and manager names come from your team's last competition entry. Look at the most recent source we have for your team. If you click on that source it will link you to the website where the coach and manager names you see on the app were picked up. To change this you'll have to update names on the website and it will take us about a week to load and merge the updates. 


Alternatively, the next competition your team registers for, make sure they update the coach's name and you'll see that reflected on the app when those new results are loaded. Keep in mind that the app will only pick up the first name (if there are multiple) of each coach and manager listed.


Q: How do I correct the state, year and/or gender for my team?


Step 1: Click “EDIT” in the top right corner


Step 2: Use the drop down menu to correct club names, gender, year, and state


Step 3: Click “DONE” when your corrections are finalized or else your changes will not stick. Alternatively, click “cancel” if you have made a mistake and want to leave the team stats as is.  


Q: What about bad actors?

A: We have found that the vast majority of users are well intentioned. Occurrences of bad behavior are rare. However, every now and then we do find a bad actor. We are able to remove editing rights and lock out from anyone who is making changes that are inaccurate or not aligned with our policies.  If you feel a result is controversial (i.e., a team playing in the wrong age group or players left but the coach is keeping the same name, etc.), email and let us know. Do not get looped into a battle of changing scores again and again for the same team unless you are prepared to lose editing rights. 

Q: How do I add results? (Missing games/tournaments)


Step 1: Locate your team


Step 2: Click “EDIT” in the top right corner 


Step 3: If necessary, scroll down until you see “ADD MISSING SOURCES”


Step 4: Click “ADD MISSING SOURCES” and choose the missing result you need.


Step 5: Click on the missing result you are adding. This will turn light green, indicating your choice. If there are other results you would like to add, continue to click on each source.


Step 6: If you are happy with the edit and it’s correct, click “ADD” in the top right corner. Alternatively, if you have made a mistake and want to start over, click “CANCEL” 


Q: I couldn’t find the results following the steps above.

A: Please send links (not screenshots) to the web pages showing your team's results in the missing competition and we will take a look at this. While we pull results for hundreds of websites, we don’t get every website out there and some sites take longer to upload than others.


Q: How do I delete results that don’t belong to my team? (Missing games / tournaments)


Step 1: Locate your team. 


Step 2: Click “EDIT” in the top right corner and, if necessary, scroll down to "SOURCES"


Step 3: Click the red trash icon for any result that is not correct. If you are happy with the edit and it’s correct, click “DONE” in the top right corner. Alternatively, if you made a mistake, click “CANCEL” in the top left corner. 


Q: I’ve split my teams into 2 different ones and my corrections won’t stick. What’s wrong?

A: Unless your teams have different names, the software is going to merge them together. The best thing to do in this situation is moving forward, differentiate your teams better and then merge older results with the new name.  


Q: Why aren’t my edits sticking?

A: There are a handful of reasons why this can be happening. If you see that consistently your edits are not sticking, reach out to us immediately and we’ll talk through and work on your specific case. The good news is this is temporary and we just ask for your patience as we sort it out.  


Q: How do you identify a favorite team?

A: Go to the team page that you wish to make a favorite and click the heart. The heart will turn red when chosen. After selecting as many favorite teams as you like, you can see them all on the main drop down menu when you click “FAVORITE TEAMS”



Q: How often are results posted?

A: Results are usually loaded within 48-72 hours barring complications. If a result takes longer than 72 hours to show up, the first thing to do is click “EDIT” in your team details and try to add the missing results by searching for the team name you used to enter the competition. If you can’t find the results, from the edit screen click “REPORT AN ISSUE” and send links (not screenshots) to the web pages showing your team's results in the missing competition and we will take a look at this.  


Q: How do I add unpublished results?

A: PRO users can capture results for competitions where the organizer has chosen not to publish the results. It cannot be used to add missing results for published competitions. 


If you participated in an unpublished competition, please send us the name of the competition as well as the date, time, opponent and score of one of the games. Then we can set you up so you and others can add the rest.


Q: How do I remove a forfeited game?

A: If the competition organizer tags the game as a forfeit, we will ignore it. Otherwise, our policy is to always use the official results. We don’t allow updates to individual game results as that is too open to abuse. 


Q: How can we go about getting a tournament added to the results?

A: Please send a link (not a screenshot) to the webpage showing the results for your team and we will take a look at this. 


Q: We won the final on PKs but you show a tie?

A: For the purposes of rankings we prefer to use the full time score because this most accurately represents the relative quality of the teams. If they were tied at full-time then the two teams were equal on the day. The penalty shoot-out is useful for awarding the trophy but does not provide meaningful information about the quality of the teams.


Q: Where is my team?

A: If you can’t find your team on the ranked list, check the unranked list. Teams will appear when we have 6 -10 recent results played against ranked teams. To see it sooner, find a team they have played and look at their playing history. From there, you may be able to drill into the missing team and add additional results to get them ranked faster.  


Q: Why is the app showing the wrong results?

A: It looks like the tournament organizer got it wrong. Our policy is to always use the official results. We don't have a way to correct individual results. Please work with the competition organizers to get this removed. If that happens in the next couple of weeks then we will pick up the update. 


Q: Why were we ranked a week ago and now we’ve moved to the unranked list? 

A: Our system requires a minimum knowledge about a team in order to rank it. If your team fluctuates weekly between ranked and unranked then you are right on the line. This tiny movement might be caused by many factors including what we know about your opponents. As you play one or two more games you will almost certainly become ranked.  



Q: What is the purpose of Player Statistics?

A: Player Statistics provides professional level metrics and analysis based on what a parent/guardian (or someone a parent/guardian has given permission to) records during a game. This feature is targeted at player development. Our hope is to release the feature in October, 2023.



Q: What do the red, green, and black colors mean?

A: Some scores are highlighted in red because it was a weak result that hurt that team's ranking, not necessarily a loss. Green is a good score that improves your ranking. You can lose to a very good team by 1 goal and improve your ranking. Similarly, you might beat a very bad team 2-0 and hurt your ranking. Black scores are "as expected."  If you look at the predictions you can see the goal difference needed to keep your ranking unchanged.  



Q: Can users add clubs?

A: We load clubs from all competitions on our end. Users can change clubs that are incorrect from our list. If your club is missing, please let us know. 


Q: What if the logo displayed is not current?

A: We pull logos from the latest competition. Please check to make sure it is current on the competition's website. If we have an incorrect logo send us a message with the webpage link with the official logo and we will update it in the app. If there are a lot of logos on the website, also send us a PNG or JPEG of the logo, along with the link, so we know which to pull.


Q: What if my club’s website is not displayed?

A: We pull websites from the last competition entry. Include the website in your next competition entry and we’ll pick it up when we update the rankings.




Q: The app is not compatible with my Android?

A: In our testing the app crashed on phones with less than 4GB of RAM. For this reason, we are not currently allowing downloads for devices with less than 4GB of RAM. Sorry.   



Team History Results

This comes down to the philosophical question "What is a team?" Is it the group of players or the name of the team? Our policy is that if all concerned are happy then we will move history from an old team to a new team. However, if anyone objects then the team name defines the team and results with the same name will be grouped together. 


Using Results

Our policy is to always use the official results. We don't have a way to correct individual results. Please work with the competition organizers to get this removed. If that happens in the next couple of weeks then we will pick up the update. 


Revoking Editing Rights

USA Sport Statistics reserves the right to revoke any user’s editing rights if they are deemed to be inaccurate. If your editing rights have been suspended incorrectly, please email at to explain what happened. There is no refund should you lose editing rights. You will be able to access all PRO features except editing. 


Combining teams of different years

Often teams are categorized by a two year system (e.g. 04/05). If a team plays as an 04/05, we are not able to combine that team’s results with an 05 team.  If a team is truly 05, then please work with the competition organizers to change their name. If they are a new 04/05 team, then they will have to establish their own ranking. 


Splitting the States

We considered doing this but half the time we cannot tell which half of the state a team is in. Hence, the sub-state rankings are quite inaccurate. Therefore, we’ve decided to keep it simple and go with whole state rankings.